Toyota 4-Runner VIN decoder

There are many benefits that one can get by decoding the special code of the vehicle. In this article, you will learn how to decode the VIN of your Toyota 4-Runner or what it is in general, you will read about the advantages and beneficial sides of decoding before buying a car. Scroll down and learn with us.


Every automobile has its own unique number that is called VIN. It is also known as chassis number and is a chain of numbers that carry some meaning in them. It is assigned to the auto by the producer through which they can learn a lot about the automobile and its history. The identification tells you a lot about your machine or the one that you are intended to buy. For example, you may learn a lot about the origin, the producer, the factory where the machine was assembled. It can also tell you the model and the size of the engine.

Besides these important data, you will see the record and see the criminal history. This is important when you buy a machine second-hand. It is helpful when you want to repair or replace parts of your auto. It is to be of help if you want to verify the accuracy of the auto information provided by a seller.

These symbols may be found on different parts of the car. The first place to look for it is the underside of the hood of your Toyota. It may also be found inside the driver’s door jamb or on a metal tag on its dashboard.

So, if you want to determine if it is subject to a recall, use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's free search tool. Or try VINDecoder which is a search engine for Toyota-specific vehicles and which provides you with a user-friendly website and valuable information.

How to decode my Toyota 4-Runner VIN?

As you have already read above, the unique ID gives you a comprehensive picture. This information is to be brought down into several groups according to the characters contained in it. The 1st digit in the identification code represents the country of manufacture. As for the 2nd and 3rd characters, they stand for the manufacturer. 4th – 8th figures in the chain characterize the vehicle brand, engine size, and the type of the vehicle. The 9th figure is the security code or the “check digit”. This helps to detect fraud. The 10th symbol represents the model year and the 11th shows the factory where the automobile has been assembled. The last six figures from 12th to 17th are serial numbers.