Toyota Camry VIN decoder

The base four-cylinder engine of the Toyota Camry is fuel-efficient and is very powerful. It is a pleasant car to drive and gives a smooth ride. The inside of some midsize cars is more premium, but this one is large, with comfortable seats and intuitive technology. Any customer looking for a midsize asset should consider this very mark. After all, it isn't by chance that it is one of the most popular on the road. In addition to its numerous accolades, this is reasonably priced, making it a good value in the class.

Thus, it is among the list of most bought cars and if you consider buying it especially second hand, you would better take some precautionary steps. To read more, scroll down and be informed.


In 1981, federal legislation mandated that all automobiles be given a 17-digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The VIN contains vital information about the vehicle's assembly location, manufacturer, and much more.

To decode the ID you may use ToyotaVINDecoder which is a specific searching tool. Another option is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's free search tool.

The chassis number or the same VIN is usually stamped under the hood or on the door jamb of the driver’s side. The unique ID is sometimes stamped on the firewall of the engine as well.

How to decode?

Look at the first element of your ID. This character denotes the place of assembly. Machines that are sold in the United States are made either in there or in Japan. Those made in the United States are identified by the numerals "1" or "4". The ones that are constructed in Japan begin with a "J."

The second character identifies the producer. All of the vehicles produced by the following brand, including the very model, have the letter "T" as the second character. The third figure stands for the type and the manufacturing division.

After that, the symbols from 4 to 7. This string of symbols is composed of an internal Toyota code that corresponds to the vehicle's choices and equipment. Your auto's engine code, body style, and safety features are listed. Year to year, the code varies. The next eighth figure identifies the specific automobile models. A "K" appears in the eighth figure position on all marks.

The tenth element indicates the model year. In the tenth place, a 2001 machine has a "1." The elements continue to increase until 2010, when the alphabet will be utilized, beginning with "A" and progressing upwards. Prior to 2001, the brand used the second half of the alphabet, missing the letter "Z." Automobiles from 2000 have a "Y" as the tenth digit, while those from 1999 have the letter "X."

The eleventh symbol represents the machine's manufacturing facility. Camrys made in the United States are designated with a "U" and constructed in the Georgetown, Kentucky factory. Instead of a letter, autos constructed in Japan have a numeral in this position. The auto's serial number is indicated by digits 12 through 17.


There are a variety of reasons why you should check before buying an automobile or performing some general checking. You can, for example, look up the market price. This is quite beneficial for determining if it is convenient or not, as it also provides information on fuel economy and safety ratings. It also gives you some data about recalls and faults.