Toyota Celica VIN decoder

On the roads, there are many attractive automobiles, but not all of them are trustworthy. If you are going to buy a new car there are some precautionary steps that are a must to take. For example, if you want to buy it second-hand, you can do a VIN decoding. According to Warranty Direct, problems with this model are uncommon, but the suspension is responsible for half of them. The engine is responsible for the remaining third. Apart from that, the only issues we've heard of are brake discs rotting on low-mileage automobiles and tailgate struts breaking. Thus, to avoid all these problems in the future, let’s learn how to decode a Toyota Celica VIN or what it is in general.


The federal legislation in 1981 obligated all the machines to have a vehicle identification number which is also known as a chassis number and is composed of 17 digits. It is usually located on a silver rivet metal plate fastened in place by two rivets. The ID is found in the center of the left side of the baffle. The space is devoid of any security signs. It is found on the driver-side doorjamb as well.

If you want to analyze the unique ID use ToyotaVINDecoder which is a special searching tool. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's free search tool is a good option as well.

What stands for what

When analyzing, the chain of numerals has several groups as each character has a separate meaning. The first digit of the chain stands for the country of origin. The second character represents the manufacturer of the machine. The third one shows the machine classification and the fourth one reveals some information about the engine of the auto.

The fifth element means the chassis code and the sixth one identifies the generation. And the seventh character reveals the subclass of the auto. As for the eighth element, it shows the body style and the ninth is the check digit. And the tenth symbol tells you the model year. Symbol eleven shows the factory where the automobile has been built. Elements from 12 to 17 represent the production number that is given to an automobile in the assembly line.


There are a bunch of reasons why you should examine before buying an auto or conducting routine checks. It is helpful not only for buying but also for other aspects. For example, you can look up the current market price. This is really useful for assessing whether or not it is practical, as it also includes information on fuel economy and safety ratings. You may also learn about recalls, defects, and defaults.