Toyota Highlander VIN decoder

Toyota has made some great automobiles in the past and continues to strive to improve every model it releases every time. Highlanders are popular assets that have sold successfully since their inception. Since there are small changes every time, some years are better than others. In addition to these changes, other problems may arise with prolonged utilization.

So what do you do to avoid being scammed when you are about to buy a used machine? Or, if you want to change or improve certain parts of your vehicle, you can simply check the VIN. In this article, you will learn and see how to decipher the Highlander VIN, what it is, and how to find it. You will also learn some of the benefits that await you in the case of decoding.


From 1981 on the federal law of the US has declared that each automobile must have a “name” or a serial number that was later called VIN or vehicle identification number. It is composed of 17 characters that have their own meaning in the chain.

These numerals may be seen through the windshield on some machines, as it is positioned in the upper left corner of the instrument panel. Or it is found in the upper right corner of the front cover. It sometimes appears on the floor beneath the driver's feet or beneath the driver's seat. The code can also be found in the engine compartment, on the front of the body, usually on the left.

If you want to decipher your unique ID, use the decoder web page. It is a web page that will help you with your deciphering process. Another free search tool is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

How to decipher?

The manufacturer's country is determined by the first position. J refers to Japan, whereas S stands for the United Kingdom. The plant where the car was made is indicated in the second place (T stands for Toyota). The third position helps you to determine the auto's manufacturing region. For example, 1 represents Europe, 2 means the United States of America/Canada, 3, 4, 8, B, C denotes the Persian Gulf countries, 7 represents Australia and other countries, and 0 means Taiwan or Singapore. You can tell the body type by looking at the fourth and fifth spots in the chain.

Characters in the seventh place of the ID indicate the model of the producer. The eighth represents the body style and the ninth is the check digit which helps to denote invalid IDs. As for the tenth character, it is the model year and the eleventh one denotes the factory where the machine was built. Elements from twelfth to seventeenth are the auto’s serial number.

Benefits of decoding

There are different reasons why you should inspect an automobile before purchasing it or performing routine maintenance. It's useful for more than just shopping. You are able to look up the current market price. This is quite valuable for determining whether or not it is practical, as it provides data on fuel economy and safety ratings. Recalls, flaws, and defaults may also be discussed.